Test de nivel

Realiza nuestro test de nivel antes de elegir el curso que más se adecúa a tus necesidades.

Elige la respuesta que pienses que sea correcta de cada una de las siguientes preguntas:

1. This man has dark ...

2. and a ...

3. He is ... a jacket

4. and he is ... a piece of paper.

5. He is sitting at his ...

6. - perhaps he is ...

7. You arrive at a party at 8 p.m. What do you say?

8. Someone offers you a drink. You dont want it. What do you say?

9. Henderson ... going to work.

10. ... early in the morning?

11. He ... to drive a car.

12. A train is ... a bus.

13. He ... sing very well.

14. ... the bus to work.

15. Peter works in London ...

16. ... TV last night?

17. I spoke slowly, but he ... understand me.

18. He made ... last year.

19. I asked him ...

20. He used to live ... London.

21. James ... to him on the phone.

22. "Quiet, please - I ... "

23. I won't go to Cambridge if it ... tomorrow.

24. While he ... to London he saw an accident.

25. Millions of cigarettes ... every year.

26. He has a ... experience in marketing in Europe.

27. I remember ... him in London.

28. But I saw him in Frankfurt ...

29. Could you look ... the blackboard and read what is on it?

30. Smith went abroad last year. ... abroad before.

31. The last Olympic Games ... in Athens.

32. He took ... cheese.

33. The committee held a ... last week.

34. I ... the Prime Minister's speech very carefully.

35. He would have known that, if he ... the meeting.

36. Would you mind ... the door?

37. In August he ... for us for 25 years.

38. ... since I came back to the office?

39. He speaks English very well ... he's only 12.

40. "Don't do that, " I said. I ... him not to do that.

41. He never takes risks. He's a very ... man.

42. I'd like to put ... a suggestion, if I may.

43. I ... this test for at list half an hour now.

44. I'll speak to him when he ...

45. "Can you come tomorrow" He asked ... tomorrow.

46. He hasn't come again today. If he doesn't come, ... what to do tomorrow.

47. CONVERSATION (questions 47 - 64):
Mr and Mrs Wallace want to buy a house, so they go to the office of an estate agent.
Agent: Good morning. Mr and Mrs Wallace?
Mrs Wallace: Mr Hogan?
Agent: How do you do?
Mrs Wallace: I spoke to you on the phone. ... is my husband.

Mr Wallace: How do you do?

48. Agent: How do you do? ... sit down.

(They all sit down at a desk.)

49. Agent: I understand from our telephone conversation that you're ...

50. in buying a property for about £85,000, is that ...?

51. Mrs Wallace: No. Well the price is right, but - er - well, we ... a problem.

We've been living abroad for the last 10 years -

52. Mrs Wallace: Longer ... that.

53. Mrs Wallace: Yes, I suppose it is - and we want to settle back here ...

54. we have very different ideas of the ... of place we'd like to live in.

55. Mr Wallace: Yes, you see ... prefer to live in town, in a centrally located flat.

56. Mrs Wallace: And I am really keen to live in ... country.

57. I want a big garden. I want a new view. I want to be ... to go for walks.

I want to go back to work - that is, to get back into teaching.

58. Mr Wallace:Well, I'm sure you ... teach in London, in town, just as easily.

59. Mrs Wallace: Yes, ... I think the chances of

60. getting a job ... probably much greater in a village school

61. and I ... like to be part of the community again, darling.

62. Mr Wallace: And I want to live in a flat ... maintenance included.

63. You know - you pay for all the ... I mean, I'm not a do-it yourself man.

64. I don't like to mend leaky ... , and that sort of thing.

65. AT A HOTEL (questions 65 - 80)
Mr Graham has just checked into a hotel, but he's not happy with his room. He goes down to the reception desk.
Mr Graham: I'm ... there's been a mistake. My room doesn't have a bath.

66. Hotel Clerk: Well, I think your room is correct, sir. Room 118 ... ?

67. Mr Graham: ... , could I have a bath, please?

68. Hotel Clerk: Er - I'm afraid we don't ... a room with a bath and -

69. Mr Graham: Look, I'm very tired. I don't want to ... but my firm always books a room with a bath.

70. Hotel Clerk: Er - I'll check the ...

71. but I don't think you were ... into a room with a bath.

There we are, it is Mr Graham, isn't?
Mr Graham: It is, yes.
The clerk shows Mr Graham a letter.

72. Hotel Clerk: Yes, one ... room.

73. Mr Graham: I'll see them when I get back. Well, I ... that it's our mistake,

74. but are you sure there's ... with a bath?

Hotel Clerk: Well, ...

75. Mr Graham: I've just flown a very long ... and I'm very tired and all I want is a bath and a sleep.

76. Hotel Clerk: Well, as I've said, sir, there's ... nothing for tonight.

But let's see. You're here for 5 days, aren't you?
Mr Graham: Oh dear!

77. Hotel Clerk: I'll just have a ... with a manager.

78. Mr Graham: I would ... it.

79. I'm ... to have a long hot bath!

80. Hotel Clerk: Don't worry, sir! ... it with me.